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M.com distance education

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The m.com course is a highly practical, knowledgeable program that helps students in many fields. The course offers a deep and vast knowledge of commerce and management. It leads to specializations in your chosen area of preference for M.com distance education

Higher education provides a vast number of opportunities in different fields. This also led to an increase in our pay scale. A simple program gives us so much efficiency in many programs. The subjects like managerial accounting, management, and economics are further studied at M.com. These days the semester system helps the students to have deep theory over the different subjects. In the semester system, we studied several subjects in terms of their operations and significance. This will help us to give prior knowledge in a variety of fields. The training program makes us more efficient to work under pressure in different kinds of organizations. The face-to-face meeting with professionals helps to boost confidence and also increases managerial competency.

We are here in a society where graduation is not itself equivalent in various fields. To work in good renowned organizations one should be competent with the educational norms. In any resume, the first and foremost thing that helps in selection is the qualification. If we want to work abroad also under various organizations. Higher education plays a crucial role. This program leads us to give enough experience in how to work under the organization.

The L.P.U placement cell is so appreciable that one does not need to go anywhere. The placement cell itself is responsible for your selection in various organizations. M .com distance education gives you exposure to working for various streams across countries.

General instructions for admission at LPU


The required fee for the successive semester will be payable before the end of the teaching semester examination fee for the 1st semester is to be payable along with a fee for the 2nd semester.

* This is for general information the program fee includes tuition fee and development fees, university fees, registration, tuition and development, sports, cultural, enrolment club activities, and co-curricular activities, etc.

* The fee for additional services, medical, counselor, outreach facilities for contingency, placement, medical, counselor, etc is described by the university.
* The students who enrolled under post-matric scholarship and any other scheme may be entitled to pay the full fee prescribed by the university.
* The course is well accredited by ACBSP (USA)
* Yes, the students may get an option based on certain conditions to go for 4 weeks to the USA as a study tour to a European country or country decided by the university.
* Just enroll in the program to get your future secure with a high level of degree and education.

The program also provides training in functional areas of business as well as research tools, to stand against business-related problems. Don’t think about just enrolling for the ultimate diversified experience of the university. The m.com distance education has a vast career in many terms. This is the best time to join L.P.U for the course you want to master.

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