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Pillow Gift Boxes

Whether you’re looking for a packaging option that’s rustic and refined, classically chic, or even patriotic, Pillow Gift Boxes are your go-to.

They are ideal for small items and party favours thanks to their modern design and wide range of finishes. Find out how simple it is to package Pillow Gift Boxes in a variety of themes, from rustic to patriotic.

Inorganic Containers

Adding layers of natural elements and delicate details gives your small items and party gifts a rustic feel. The rough natural materials like Kraft and jute are softened by the addition of a delicate lace doily, creating a charming vintage feel. The combination of these delicate and natural textures gives your next party favour or gift an appealing blend of rustic and refined aesthetics.

Those Interested in Recreating This Style can Find the Necessary Materials Below.

Packaging for a Pillow Gift Boxes, Featuring a White Paper Doily and a Butterfly Design

String Made From 100% Pure Jute

How to Pull Off a Distinctly Rustic yet Chic Appearance

Start by placing a traditional round doily inside your Pillow Gift Boxes. Using your lace doily, cover the open top of your pillow box before folding it shut. Put a few drops of hot glue along the edges of the doily to keep it in place.

  • After that, you should cut your natural cord and tie a simple boutique bow on top of your package.
  • A simple boutique bow is as easy as making two loops with your cord, crossing them over each other, and tying them together. Pull it tight to keep it in place, fluff the loops if you like, and let the tails fall in a pretty spiral.
  • Finish by glueing a colourful butterfly embellishment to your bow centre.

Modernistic Pillow Gift Boxes

Use a black and gold colour scheme reminiscent of the Roaring Twenties to add a touch of timeless elegance to your boutique store or posh birthday bash by contrasting a whimsical and modern accent. Colorful accents give otherwise serious patterns a playful and witty edge. Layering a bright and bubbly bow against chic matte black and gold provides a modern and expressive accent to your brand or party.

Those Interested in Recreating this Style can Find The Necessary Materials Below.

How To Create A Classically Chic Package

  • Before you do anything else, you need to stock your embossed box with goodies, gifts, or your boutique’s wares.
  • Then, add some shine to your package with a strip of light gold washi tape. When going for a sleek and sophisticated look, less is more. Two contrasting stripes, one running vertically and the other circling the package, will make it stand out.
  • Add your splash of colour to the middle of the package as a finishing touch.
  • This packaging is perfect for a wedding or party with a Parisian theme. Visit our Pinterest for more stylish and modern home decor inspiration.

Pillows in a Patriotically Decorated Box

Incorporate stars, stripes, and a bold ribbon for a celebratory and unmistakably American party favour. Both the brilliant stars and stripes of the American flag and the colourful explosions of celebratory fireworks served as sources of inspiration for us. As a patriotic nod for the Fourth of July, try layering a striking navy satin ribbon over red and white stripes.

How To Add Patriotic Flair To Your Favors:

  • To begin, stock your striped Custom Pillow Packaging Boxes with tasty treats and small gifts.
  • Then, tie a navy ribbon around your party favour or gift package. Fasten with a stylish bow from a boutique.
  • Finally, finish your celebratory package with fireworks! You can easily secure the ends of your star garland by weaving them into the corkscrew shape of the ribbon.

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